yay! you're engaged!

Now how on earth do you shop for a dress?

The moment many of us have dreamt of since we were little- trying on fancy white gowns with a new diamond on your finger! Now, literally anything we want can be custom made, found, or created- so how do you narrow down limitless options to one? Let me share some tips when it comes to wedding dress shopping that will make choosing 'the one' fun and easy!

Dress: Allure Bridal, Model: Courtney Callahan

Visualizing How you Want to Look

Choosing a dress has a lot to do with what type and shape and neckline you envision yourself getting married in. Consider what fits your body type best between: sweetheart, plunging, v neck, scoop, off shoulder, a- line, mermaid, or ballgown!

Before you go shopping, do a little research on what style neckline/body shape best fits you! Trying on multiple styles to compare is so useful when looking at a huge rack of white dresses. Limit yourself on a style- who wants to decide between 50+ dresses?

Additionally, feel free to do something different! Having a small backyard wedding or eloping in the desert? Don't feel like you have to have a traditional wedding dress! By all means if you want that designer gown with a long train, go for it! But also know that it's okay to grab a casual white maxi dress or even a dress of a different color!

Dresses: The Event Warehouse

Dress: Allure Bridal, Model: Jean Louise

Getting the Most Within your Means

With an endless amount of style options, comes as an even broader range of prices to spend on your dress. Keep in mind, it's not only the dress your spending money on but be prepared to set aside some money for a veil, shoes, jewelry, and ... alterations! What makes a dress so dang expensive? Not only the hours put behind the design and construction of the dress, but also fabrics, embellishments, lace, and beading. If you have a tighter budget, try browsing sample sales, visiting wholesale stores, and online for your dream dress that won't break the bank!

Dress: Allure Bridal, Model: Courtney Callahan

Dress Shopping Timeline

With so many details to straighten out before the big day, don't forget to leave time for everything that goes behind the final moment when you slip on your dress. Even if you don't have a solid date in mind, be prepared to give yourself at least 6-9 months. Not only do you have find 'the one', but try it on again for at least 3 fittings- for any alterations and final changes you may add.

*Brides remember- a custom made dress will not only take longer to receive, but also cost more than one that is pre fabricated.

For my last minute brides, take a deep breath- yes you can still find a dress! In a world where we can literally order a refrigerator overnight, it's no surprise you can order a wedding dress equally as fast. Opt for a local tailor to help you fit your dress, and voila! You're ready to marry the love of your life.

Dress: Allure Bridal, Model: Courtney Callahan

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