hi i'm rach!!

I’m here for you + your story! I want to hear about your relationship + give you photos that document it beautifully

I’ve been to a lot of weddings and I’m happy to help with anything I can - I’ll tell ya what I love (and hate!) about wedding days to help you make your day unique + tailored to you

Down for anything + super flexible - I’ll hike a mountain with you or take flash photos in the city at night + embrace whatever happens during your day and make sure we have a great time doing it!

Nashville Wedding Photographer

born in Milwaukee / raised in Tampa / currently enjoying the seasons + mountains in Tennessee

Huge fan of plants, hot yoga, sour beers + exploring new cities // Always down to grab tacos + margs or cuddle some dogs.

do you travel?

I enjoy traveling more than anything and love I get to document somewhere new!

I'm thankful to have traveled to 9 countries, 40 states, 21 national parks, backpacked Europe, road tripped across the US four times, and traveled the California coast. While I've seen a bit of the world, there's still so much more I want to explore!! I'd love to hear about your favorite travel experience during your session!

I'm so down for an adventure + would love to join you wherever you want to go!

travel schedule

June - Colorado

July - NY / Maine + the northeast

October - Atlanta / Florida

August - Italy - Venice + Dolomites

November - Florida

December - Florida

June '25 - Boston

my travel schedule fills up quickly, please contact me as soon as possible!

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Travel Bucket List

Ireland, Greece, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Big Sur, Maine

my sweet rescue pup, arti :)

my life on film!

my life on film!

my life on film!

my life on film!

my life on film!

my life on film!

my life on film!