Why you should take couple's photos in St. Pete, Florida

St. Petersburg is a great place to take photos with your love! There's so many cute downtown spots to explore, and then we can head out to the beach for sunset photos! Here's some ideas of cute photo spots around St. Pete to spark your interest, then contact me and we can plan a fun shoot for you :)

Let's grab drinks!

We can start with drinks at a rooftop bar like Birchwood Canopy and get some great views of downtown St. Pete to start your session! It'll give us a chance to get to know each other and warm you up to the camera!

toasting drinks at Birchwood Canopy in downtown St. Pete

Explore downtown St. Pete

We'll head out and explore the streets of downtown St. Petersburg. There's such a good variety of nature and city spots to take photos!

Murals in downtown St. Pete

One of the best things about downtown is the great art scene! There's some classic murals we can stop by, or if you want a really artsy vibe for your photos, we can go on a "St. Pete Mural Tour" and just seek out lots of murals to take photos at!

couples photos love shines mural st. pete
couples photos st. pete florida mural

Nature PHotos in downtown St. Pete

Being right next to the water, you can get photos in front of the bay and in downtown St. Pete's cute parks!

Some spots to check out:

  • North Straub Park - Banyan Tree (Pictured here)
  • Vinoy Park - views of the water
  • Mirror Lake
  • St. Pete Pier - views of the water and cute nature areas
  • Lassing Park - some sandy areas if you wanna dip your feet in the water


There are so many great bars and spots to eat downtown! If you have a fav cute restaurant or brewery, we can pop in and grab a few photos - it'll be just like your fav date night! 

Some aesthetic restaurants/bars:

  • Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails
  • The Library
  • Green Bench Brewing Company
  • Paradeco Coffee Roasters
  • Red Mesa Cantina
  • Park & Rec DTSP
cutest places to grab drinks in downtown st. pete


There's plenty of adventurous activities in St. Pete, and if your favorite Saturday activities include paddleboarding in the bay or rock climbing at Vertical Ventures, why not make that a part of your photoshoot! I love capturing couples having a fun experience together and doing what they naturally do! 

Adventure ideas:

  • Renting bikes or scooters downtown
  • Jump in the water!
  • Rollerblade at Vinoy Park
  • Paddleboard in the bay
  • Rock climb at Vertical Ventures
  • Skateboard on the roof of a parking garage
  • Play volleyball in the park
rent scooters for photos in downtown st. pete

sunset photos at St. Pete Beach

Another major plus to taking photos in St. Pete is that we can head over to the beach for sunset! It's just a 20 minute drive to the coast, and there's a bathroom in case you wanna change outfits! We can jump in the water, either in swimsuits or just hop in the waves in your clothes :)

It's the perfect way to add a different vibe to your photos and a great relaxing way to wrap up your shoot!

sunset beach photos at st. pete beach
sunset at st. pete beach florida
dolphins at st. pete beach
spicy sunset photos at st. pete beach