This started as a couples photo session for my best friend and her boyfriend, but ended as a surprise engagement - definitely worth keeping a secret from her!

We booked a super cool houseboat in Venice Beach, FL as a little weekend getaway, and just planned to hang out at the beach and eat some good food.

I know Claudia was a little suspicious of this surprise trip, since her and Jessen had talked about getting married in the near future, but she couldn't find a ring stashed in the luggage - it was hidden so well!

I had just started out with wedding photography and told her I wanted to get some cute photos of them on the beach to post to my website, so they dressed up and we headed out for sunset. I was so nervous the entire time, wondering if she'd caught on - but her face says it all, that even if she had her suspicions, this was such a great surprise!

After the proposal, we went to grab some pizza and happened upon a super cute Italian restaurant that was near closing time, the owners were hanging out listening to music and drinking wine with their friends. When they found out our friends had just gotten engaged, they brought out wine on the house and started telling us stories - a perfect way to celebrate!