How do you plan a surprise proposal?

Great question! Proposing marriage is a big deal and can be rather nerve wracking! I've captured multiple proposals in several different ways and I'm hear with all the insider tips to help you get ready for this exciting moment!

If you're trying to make this magic ↓ happen, read on for all the info on how to prepare! And then contact me so I can help you plan and be there to capture the moment!

surprise proposal photographer

Step 1: Hire a photographer

I may be a bit biased, but this part is so important! Not only can we capture the moment, but we can help plan the perfect location, time of day, and help you decide how to ask!

engagement ring surprise proposal

Step 2: Get that ring!

It's usually best to chat with your partner to get some ideas on what kind of ring they want, or consult their best friend or pinterest board, or better yet go ring shopping together! They'll be wearing it for the rest of their life, after all, best to make sure they love it!

Whether they know there's a ring coming or it's a total surprise, you'll want to keep that ring safe and hidden until the moment! Ditch the bulky ring box and opt for a slim ring box or another carrying case to keep it from being noticed in your pocket or luggage!

Step 3: Decide how to propose!

I will literally do whatever it takes to capture pictures of the moment! I've hidden in bushes, disguised myself as a tourist, pretended to be a photography student + asked for "practice photographing random couples", and led a couple on a regular photo session that had an amazing surprise!

Think about the best way to surprise your partner! This will depend on your partner and the location. Would they catch on if you randomly book a photo session?

Some options:

  • Go for a “nice dinner” and take a walk beforehand, I’ll be waiting near the special spot!
  • Plan a photo session ‘just for fun’ then I’ll distract them so you can get down on one knee! (this one might be the most suspicious if photo sessions aren’t a regular thing for you!)
  • Enlist the help of their best friend to have them ‘dress cute‘ to go do something fun!
  • I can randomly interrupt you guys to ask if I can take your photos (this is something I do often when I travel!) and they’ll never see it coming when I turns into a proposal!

Step 4: Pick your location

When choosing your spot, it's helpful to think about the vibe you want for your photos. Going for moody? A downtown location is perfect! Want something a little more secluded? Let's find a gorgeous nature spot!

Also, consider other factors that might affect popping the question! It's best to pick a spot with fewer crowds, and maybe a backup area that's covered if the weather isn't cooperating.

Let me know the direction you want to go in and I can help find the perfect spot for you!

Step 5: Make sure they're ready!

If your partner's someone who would want to be dressed up nice or have their nails done when they get proposed to, you'll have to be sneaky! This is when it's best to enlist a friend's help - they can take them out to get their nails done "just for fun" or have them dress up for a fun day out. It's a little less suspicious (and less rude) than asking them to look nice for a random hike!

Ready to do this?

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Check out this surprise proposal on the Tampa Edition rooftop ↓↓